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Battery Storage

Technology and cost improvements along with deferral and state incentives have helped large scale battery storage projects to become the next big thing in renewable space. KWRE has leveraged these fundamentals and kept current on new developments, maintaining close relationships and communication with manufacturers and vendors around the world and

Distributed Generation (DG)

Projects connecting to utility distribution systems have unique design, and connection requirements depending on the jurisdiction and the local Utility. KWRE’s portfolio, with its wide array of project types and locations, shows a nuanced understanding of state jurisdiction and long relationships with builders, civic officials, and service providers. Just as

High-Voltage Engineering Services

Utility-scale renewable projects come with unique and overlapping challenges with high voltage connections. These challenges include, navigating through ISO/Utility requirements that vary with location, planning for long-lead times of HV equipment, managing interface issues and coordinating with different parties to ensure successful completion of HV deliverables. KWRE can help customers

Interconnection Support

At the beginning of what is often a multi-year process, it’s vital to secure interconnection requirements in order to determine the project’s feasibility in terms of time and cost. KWRE provides early-stage engineering support to get projects interconnected with power grids. KWRE expertise helps clients navigate through different interconnection requirements,

Utility-Scale Solar Plants

Planning a solar plant in the typical range of 10-500 megawatts requires engineering designs detailed enough to define budgets and deadlines but flexible enough to allow for coordination with external parties, value engineering, and fluctuations in equipment/materials availability. KWRE’s design efficiencies have evolved to reflect the firm’s vast experience around

Wind Power

Wind power is a resource-based choice that can be driven not only by location but by regulatory variations as well. KWRE’s team has supported engineering development and execution of Utility scale wind projects in various parts of the country. Through this experience, we are able to recognize and respect the